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Ciao ! Vous êtes fascinés par la Beauté Messieurs ? I am a 100 % hot raffined athletic Italian Girl.  I have also many more assets. I want to please you, make you happy and share the moment with you. A tribute to Monica Belluci. Discover one of the 12 girls hidden in Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa. 

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Ask for the Dalila's Special. Spend the first hour with Dalila and enjoy a good tea and a wonderful Body to Body DD Special. I will help you choose your girl for the second part of our adventure



Thé vert (Green Tea)

Thé d’amour (Spicy Love Tea)

Mélisse biologique 

à volonté pour apprendre à se connaitre

You bring the Atwater Market biscotti or cannoli Siciliani : I make you a 100 % Italian coffee 

Bring me a rose and sing me opera : I ll make you a tiramisu someday I swear 

You prefer fish? Bring sushi I l’LL Let you eat it on my DD Body 

Ménage à trois : Choose the girl with me 


My Ultimate Fantasy : The RainBlow

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Cocaine (Siempre me Quedara) de BEBE



La tête dans son téléphone Sans écouteurs, on la croirait folle Sans Google, on la croirait conne 

( Défiler de Stromae) 


DD 1 Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa Review


Bellissima Dalila 

If Michelangelo had set out to create a female companion for David, Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa would have been the perfect model. As David is an artistic masterpiece Dalila is a natural masterpiece. This woman is a sexual goddess. When I visited her website, I was initially attracted by the statuesque perfection of this long legged, dark haired beauty. I was intrigued by the written content of the website & very excited by the selection of images. Once I met Dalila, I soon found that she is one to deliver much more than promised. I tend to be rather reserved, and can sometimes be nervous when first meeting a woman. It was impossible to not open up to this lovely expressive woman. The skin, the perfect proportions, the grace & the touch of Bellissima Dalila all had my head spinning. There was not an inch of her that I did not closely inspect & not an inch that was not absolutely perfect. I agree with the gentleman above - this woman has the mind & maturity of someone in their thirties, but I would swear she has the body of a 25 year old. It is obvious that she takes very good care of both her mind & her body. The physical experience was the most remarkable I have ever had, but the social & intellectual interaction left the greater impression upon me. I am smitten by this unique & lovely woman.

(Merb https://merb.cc/vbulletin/forum.php March 2018)

 "I went to see Dalila recently. I do not usually do reviews, for personal reasons. But my time with Dalila was so much fun that I had to write something about her.
She attracted me with the way she comes across when you take the time to read the information on her website. She has a sense of humour, she is bright, she is beautiful and she is real. She is truly a beautiful, sexy, Italian woman. If you decide to see her, you get exactly what is advertised, plus you might discover or learn something. I will certainly see her again"

(Merb https://merb.cc/vbulletin/forum.php February 2018)

" 10 out of 10 !

I met Dalila at her Place for a glass of wine before going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant close to her place. She was wearing the exact dress and outfit I asked her before. Was exactely like her pics tall with long long legs and high heels. Welcomed me with a passionate kiss and we talked about Venice where she is coming from. We had a wonderful dinner and went back to her place for dessert..."

(The Erotic Review https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/dalila-dellarosa-5149444363-341794

February  2018)


I had the pleasure to meet this bright and extremely sexy woman last week.   

DalilaD can easily lie about her age, but she doesn't. Her body is that of a young 20 year old with the mind of a 35 year old. She's a sophisticated true Italien immigrant who is an absolute a charm and gorgeous in many ways. She speaks many languages and is a joy to spent time with.   

I won't go into details, but I suggest you review her website to enjoy her subtle humour and feel confident that her services will be genuine and the best in the business. Means to please.  

Time flies and she is very addictive I spent a heck of a day with her.   

Signori, enjoy and make sure you treat her right.   

A la prossima DalilaD! 

Merb https://merb.cc/vbulletin/forum.php March 2018)

Been lucky enough to meet Dalila earlier this week!!! She is definitely model materiel, and her body is a piece of art. Chemistry was really good right from the start, and the rest was very good as well! I only tried BBBJ (I never do FS) and it was really well executed! I can easily say she is on the top 5 of the last few years. She really wants to please and ask you what your preferences to make sure you leave with a smile. Looking at her website, I was a bit afraid that she could have a diva attitude. Definitely not the case ; very smart and down to earth.  

Treat her well guys! Would repeat without a doubt... 

(Merb https://merb.cc/vbulletin/forum.php March 2018)


Sensual & Passionate Lover

I just visited Bellissima Dalila for the second time. It is a relatively long drive from my home to Montreal & it is not easy to find the time to make the journey, but after my first experience, I was very motivated to make a return trip. This was another great experience. Dalila is a beautiful woman & an exceptional lover. From the moment I stepped through the door, I could feel the same level of electricity I felt on my first visit. Dalila is very focused on making a man both comfortable & completely satisfied. I have primarily Scottish ancestry & have a similar affinity for French women as my ancestors. This is why I love Montreal. I did not expect to be completely captivated by an Italian woman, but Dalila is very special. The conversation was excellent The touching was wonderful. The kissing was exceptional & the love making was earth shaking. This is the most sensual woman I have ever known. I believed I had left my best years of sexual performance behind me, but Dalila has helped me to realize I have quite a bit yet to give. It feels like so much more than sexual performance though. There is so much passion in this woman, that it was impossible to give her anything less than all of my love during the all-too-brief time that I spent with her. (Both visits have been scheduled for 4hrs & I had to pry myself from her condo each time.) A couple tips: 1) Ask for a massage – her hands are magical & the feeling of her athletic body against mine was incredible; 2) Take the time & effort to please this woman. She is incredibly responsive & expressive. You will be well rewarded & very turned on by her reaction if you are successful. At the end of this thoroughly satisfying experience, we finished washing one another in the hot shower. I do not know whether I was more turned on from touching her or being touched by her, but I was nearly ready to go another round by the end of the shower. I leave this lovely lady feeling like much more of a man & I truly appreciate that. There are many beautiful women in the city that capture my interest, but this lovely woman has captured my heart. Thank you, Bellissima Dalila!

https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?165975-DalilaD (March 2018)



I had the pleasure of meeting Dalila last week, and can honestly say that it was quite an enjoyable experience. We had great conversation over the wine I brought and got to know each other more as it’s important for me to build some chemistry. We also discussed what my expectations were as well as my likes/dislikes. We started with a nice massage and I just let her take over from there. I was pretty much open to explore anything, and I had the feeling that so was she. The session was very good and sensual. Will definitely repeat in the near future.  

oh, btw she’s really tall. I’m not intimidated by tall women at all, and with her heels she’s my height at 6ft (she did warn me first). 

(Merb April 2018 https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?165975-DalilaD)

Bella Bellucci

Please tell me about your experiences with 100 % Italian Girls 

Bring me for dinner. Do you like oysters ?


Want to learn Italian ?

Un pompino ?

Una sveltina ?

Una scopata ? :)

La belle et sensuelle Juliette Gréco

Je suis comme je suis (Jacques Prévert)

 Je suis faite comme ça

Quand j'ai envie de rire

Oui je ris aux éclats

J'aime celui qui m'aime

Est-ce ma faute à moi

Si ce n'est pas le même

 Que j'aime à chaque fois

Je suis faite pour plaire
Et n'y puis rien changer
Mes talons sont trop hauts
Ma taille trop cambrée
Mes seins beaucoup trop durs

L'Amore esiste

I Love Italian Popular Love songs

 L'Amore Esiste

Può nascere dovunque
Anche dove non ti aspetti
Dove non l'avresti detto
Dove non lo cercheresti

Può crescere dal nulla
E sbocciare in un secondo
Può bastare un solo sguardo
Per capirti fino in fondo

Può invadere i pensieri
Andare dritto al cuore
Sederti sulle scale
Lasciarti senza parole
L'amore ha mille steli
L'amore ha solo un fiore