DD 2 The James Bond Girl


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You know guys, I crossed a jungle barefoot in Cambodia leaving a part of my high heels set on my way. Hopefully my micro bikini collection weigh less

Can you plank longer than me ? Which languages do you prefer ? How many USB keys can you find on my Body ? 

Are you watching District 31 https://ici.tou.tv/district-31/S02E92?lectureauto=1 mon beau bum éduqué ?

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 Acrobatic sex, role play and a lot of seduction.

Available accessories :  Japanese ropes metallic dildo gun   

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My Ultimate Fantasy : I follow my James Bond or my Laurent Cloutier at the Casino http://casinos.lotoquebec.com/fr/montreal/accueil or at the Swinger Spa Monday night special https://www.entrenous2.com/accueil

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 I am a James Bond Girl on her Majesty's secret service. Come play with me 


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The Octopussy Girls : When Bellissima Dalila  brang me Heaven 

The Octopussy Girls: When Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa brang me Heaven@Euphoria My first 3some experience (my virgin 3some) was a legendary night with memorable sex goddesses. Every time I go by the SAQ and see the Ménage à 3 red wine, I ask my girlfriend about a 3some experience and the answer is always NON. But my girlfriend is so comprehensive and I love her so much : I prefer you fulfill your fantasy with professionals rather than with my friends she finally told me. So that night my girlfriend was at her spa with her friends and I finally bought my Ménage à 3 at 40 ans before meeting Dalila and her secret guest. Dalila was there exact time and welcomed me as always with a passionate DFK before she undressed me on the bed asking me to wait for my surprise. She served me some wine, closed the door and I started my 3some musical playlist. 10 minutes after, she opened the door and 2 hot girls appeared. Dalila was wearing a red Gypsy metallic skirt and a purple veiled 3some virgin was following her dancing on my favorite Gypsy music. Slowly, Dalila came to me and unveiled my girl. She was my Paradise : Tall amazing ass Victoria Secret body DD perfect boobs sexy metallic bodychain and a divine smile. I asked her : What is your name Goddess ? Heaven 😊 Heaven, may my dirty hands feel your skin ? Dalila was there with her ropes tying my hands and telling me : You are under our complete control Mr James Bond. The Octopussy Girls are going to take care of you. For a moment I was not thinking at all about my ex or my lawyer, for a second I forgot about my girlfriend. I was there with those red lips serving my Menage à 3 wine and few moments after I had a pussy, don’t remember which one, sitting firm on my face. At same time 2 mouths were licking my balls. I BBCIM in one of those Octopussy Girls and reached the last stairway to heaven. I also remember my sword was once under 4 beautiful soft DD control. I watched for a while Dalila and Heaven kissing licking and playing with a double metallic dildo on the rhythm of metallic jewellery. I then got my first squirting on face and asked finally for a pussy. My memorable night ended in a trio under shower kissing and a last DATY before my time. Thanks Heaven and Dalila you were so passionate and professionals. My girlfriend will discover a happier man. A 10 : 10 for all of you 2 Octopussy Girls for that legendary night. Thanks Dalila you fulfilled perfectly my program and fantasies. Can’t wait to live new experiences again.


How many USB devices can you find ?


How many USB devices can you find ?


Jimmy my metallic dildo


Which one is your favorite James Bond evil Girl ?

You want to play James Bond with me ?

Come play with me

You want to play James Bond with me ?


My James Bond Girl


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