DD5 Nefertiti your Mediterranean Muse


Contemplate the Beauty


 I am very exhibitionist and can be your Amadeo Modigliani model. I love to pose like the Venus de Milo, Aphrodite, Nefertiti, a Khmer Deva or  an Apsara . I can dance for you all night long like the Black Gypsy Kali Sara. Kiss my feet and long long legs while I am reading erotic literature. Mold a part of my Body in clay. Help me shave my pussy. Body paint me. Read me love poems Darling and get 10 % discount.

A poem one of my lovers wrote for me on his way back to the USA :)

I shake my head to refocus my Mind

Aren't Strong men 

in control of their thoughts ?

The persistent scent returns

The Vision returns

Sensuous Swan neck Shoulders of an athlete Skin of a princess...

Why can't I control these thoughts ?

Perhaps a Strong man allows himself to be carried ?

Once again the essence of you drifts up to me

The Wisdom & Wit of a Renaissance Scholar  a Smooth & Gentle touch  a Comforting calm

I'm passing through the frozen mountains

My Heart & Mind are with You & they are warmed

You are carrying me Home

Michael (March 2018)

Your Mediterranean Muse recommended services

Watch me trying my outfits collection

Watch me Dancing

Choose a pose and practice your painting skills

My Ultimate Fantasy :  I go visit your art exhibition and take a selfie with you and your DD 5 painting 

Poledance videos

Coming soon

Gypsy Dalila

I was there and danced all night