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 "I went to see Dalila recently. I do not usually do reviews, for personal reasons. But my time with Dalila was so much fun that I had to write something about her.
She attracted me with the way she comes across when you take the time to read the information on her website. She has a sense of humour, she is bright, she is beautiful and she is real. She is truly a beautiful, sexy, Italian woman. If you decide to see her, you get exactly what is advertised, plus you might discover or learn something. I will certainly see her again"

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Bellissima Dalila 

If Michelangelo had set out to create a female companion for David, Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa would have been the perfect model. As David is an artistic masterpiece Dalila is a natural masterpiece. This woman is a sexual goddess. When I visited her website, I was initially attracted by the statuesque perfection of this long legged, dark haired beauty. I was intrigued by the written content of the website & very excited by the selection of images. Once I met Dalila, I soon found that she is one to deliver much more than promised. I tend to be rather reserved, and can sometimes be nervous when first meeting a woman. It was impossible to not open up to this lovely expressive woman. The skin, the perfect proportions, the grace & the touch of Bellissima Dalila all had my head spinning. There was not an inch of her that I did not closely inspect & not an inch that was not absolutely perfect. I agree with the gentleman above - this woman has the mind & maturity of someone in their thirties, but I would swear she has the body of a 25 year old. It is obvious that she takes very good care of both her mind & her body. The physical experience was the most remarkable I have ever had, but the social & intellectual interaction left the greater impression upon me. I am smitten by this unique & lovely woman.

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Take the time to explore her website. This is the creation of a strong, intellectual & inquisitive woman. She provides a sampling of what you might expect and if she is your type, you most certainly will be hooked. She also lists a variety of dating persona for you to select along with a variety of activities. I do not believe you can make a bad choice.

I am not able to travel to Montreal often, but I swear that I will find a way to visit this beautiful signorina again. Please gentlemen, treat her well &, if you are pleased, tip her well. 

10 out of 10 Service

 The BBBJCIM was amazing and she was really open mind for all the others thing.... without going in details... 

I would give her 11/10 services especially that bbjcim which was 10/10

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Sensual & Passionate Lover

I just visited Bellissima Dalila for the second time. It is a relatively long drive from my home to Montreal & it is not easy to find the time to make the journey, but after my first experience, I was very motivated to make a return trip. This was another great experience. Dalila is a beautiful woman & an exceptional lover. From the moment I stepped through the door, I could feel the same level of electricity I felt on my first visit. Dalila is very focused on making a man both comfortable & completely satisfied. I have primarily Scottish ancestry & have a similar affinity for French women as my ancestors. This is why I love Montreal. I did not expect to be completely captivated by an Italian woman, but Dalila is very special. The conversation was excellent The touching was wonderful. The kissing was exceptional & the love making was earth shaking. This is the most sensual woman I have ever known. I believed I had left my best years of sexual performance behind me, but Dalila has helped me to realize I have quite a bit yet to give. It feels like so much more than sexual performance though. There is so much passion in this woman, that it was impossible to give her anything less than all of my love during the all-too-brief time that I spent with her. (Both visits have been scheduled for 4hrs & I had to pry myself from her condo each time.) A couple tips: 1) Ask for a massage – her hands are magical & the feeling of her athletic body against mine was incredible; 2) Take the time & effort to please this woman. She is incredibly responsive & expressive. You will be well rewarded & very turned on by her reaction if you are successful. At the end of this thoroughly satisfying experience, we finished washing one another in the hot shower. I do not know whether I was more turned on from touching her or being touched by her, but I was nearly ready to go another round by the end of the shower. I leave this lovely lady feeling like much more of a man & I truly appreciate that. There are many beautiful women in the city that capture my interest, but this lovely woman has captured my heart. Thank you, Bellissima Dalila!

https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?165975-DalilaD (March 2018)

" 10 out of 10 !

I met Dalila at her Place for a glass of wine before going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant close to her place. She was wearing the exact dress and outfit I asked her before. Was exactely like her pics

. tall with long long legs and high heels. Welcomed me with a passionate kiss and we talked about Venice where she is coming from. We had a wonderful dinner and went back to her place for dessert..."

(The Erotic Review https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/dalila-dellarosa-5149444363-341794

February  2018)

Amazing Dalila 

Saw pics of this new indy girl advertising on this forum and was amazed by her long long legs, athletic body and firm perfect boobs. I been to visit her website, watched many pics and a videos and was surprised by the variety of offered services and how everything was so clear. She is asking 2hours minimum but is offering multi services. 

I first thought it was another girl pretending to be Italian and wrote her in Italian to book a first encounter. Dalila replied to me in a perfect Italian and ask me to choose 4 services and 2 outfits for our first meeting. I ordered a body to body massage, a BBBJ CIM, a Greek and a Kama Sutra. 

Been to her place and she was wearing high heels and fishnet exactly like her pics. After a shower in a neat bathroom, I watched her striptease and discovered her perfect body. Her body is totally a 10 with a delightful smell of Italian rosemary and Indian aphrodisiac spices.  I understood right away this girl was a special one. A PSE girl speaking about art and philosophy while she is rubbing every part of her perfect body on mine. I was already flying high after her Thai massage when she gave me the best deepthroat BBBJ CIM I had in my life. This girl is really trying to give you the best experience and don’t want you to come right away like so many. Dalila is teaching you what she is calling oriental tantric techniques to last longer. After the first hour, I needed a break and been for a second shower while she was putting on her second outfit for the second part. 

Dalila made me hard again very easily and this Goddess of sex brang me to multiple positions with passion and stamina. She has a poster on her wall with all the Kama Sutra positions.  She is very active living the present moment and believe me, not touching her phone at all for two hours. The memorable trip to her Greek Islands was divine (English is not my first language so I don’t get more adjectives) and was lasting till the very end of the second hour.  She was so expressive like a real Italian girl. I can say without any doubt I had the best sexual experience of my whole life. Definitely want to see Dalila back again very soon. I recommend you warmly this hidden secret my fellow hobbyists. 

Anyone else had this experience?

The rocketman (February 2018)

 Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa

My first review...

I had the pleasure to meet this bright and extremely sexy woman last week.

DalilaD can easily lie about her age, but she doesn't. Her body is that of a young 20 year old with the mind of a 35 year old. She's a sophisticated true Italien immigrant who is an absolute a charm and gorgeous in many ways. She speaks many languages and is a joy to spent time with.

I won't go into details, but I suggest you review her website to enjoy her subtle humour and feel confident that her services will be genuine and the best in the business. Means to please.

Time flies and she is very addictive I spent a heck of a day with her.

Signori, enjoy and make sure you treat her right.

A la prossima DalilaD! 

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 Been lucky enough to meet Dalila earlier this week!!!
She is definitely model materiel, and her body is a piece of art.
Chemistry was really good right from the start, and the rest was very good as well!
I only tried BBBJ (I never do FS) and it was really well executed! I can easily say she is on the top 5 of the last few years.
She really wants to please and ask you what your preferences to make sure you leave with a smile.
Looking at her website, I was a bit afraid that she could have a diva attitude. Definitely not the case ; very smart and down to earth.

Treat her well guys!
Would repeat without a doubt... 

(Merb https://merb.cc/vbulletin/forum.php March 2018)

 The Octopussy Girls: When Bellissima Dalila Dellarosa brang me Heaven@Euphoria 

My first 3some experience (my virgin 3some) was a legendary night with memorable sex goddesses. Every time I go by the SAQ and see the Ménage à 3 red wine, I ask my girlfriend about a 3some experience and the answer is always NON. But my girlfriend is so comprehensive and I love her so much : I prefer you fulfill your fantasy with professionals rather than with my friends she finally told me. So that night my girlfriend was at her spa with her friends and I finally bought my Ménage à 3 at 40 ans before meeting Dalila and her secret guest. Dalila was there exact time and welcomed me as always with a passionate DFK before she undressed me on the bed asking me to wait for my surprise. She served me some wine, closed the door and I started my 3some musical playlist. 10 minutes after, she opened the door and 2 hot girls appeared. Dalila was wearing a red Gypsy metallic skirt and a purple veiled 3some virgin was following her dancing on my favorite Gypsy music. Slowly, Dalila came to me and unveiled my girl. She was my Paradise : Tall amazing ass Victoria Secret body DD perfect boobs sexy metallic bodychain and a divine smile. I asked her : What is your name Goddess ? Heaven 😊 Heaven, may my dirty hands feel your skin ? Dalila was there with her ropes tying my hands and telling me : You are under our complete control Mr James Bond. The Octopussy Girls are going to take care of you. For a moment I was not thinking at all about my ex or my lawyer, for a second I forgot about my girlfriend. I was there with those red lips serving my Menage à 3 wine and few moments after I had a pussy, don’t remember which one, sitting firm on my face. At same time 2 mouths were licking my balls. I BBCIM in one of those Octopussy Girls and reached the last stairway to heaven. I also remember my sword was once under 4 beautiful soft DD control. I watched for a while Dalila and Heaven kissing licking and playing with a double metallic dildo on the rhythm of metallic jewellery. I then got my first squirting on face and asked finally for a pussy. My memorable night ended in a trio under shower kissing and a last DATY before my time. Thanks Heaven and Dalila you were so passionate and professionals. My girlfriend will discover a happier man. A 10 : 10 for all of you 2 Octopussy Girls for that legendary night. Thanks Dalila you fulfilled perfectly my program and fantasies. Can’t wait to live new experiences again. https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?168155-The-Octopussy-Girls-When-Bellissima-Dalila-(Indy)-brang-me-Heaven-Euphoria


Sur les sommets du Sudtyrol : Alyssa Roze (indy) et Dalila Dellarosa (indy)

Sur les sommets du Sudtyrol : Alyssa Rose (indy) et Dalila Dellarosa (indy)
Mon deuxième 3some les boys 😊Je voulais explorer de nouvelles activités que j’avais intégrées à mon programme envoyé à Dalila. Cette fois ci, les belles m’attendaient. Quand la porte s’est entrouverte, Dalila était comme toujours aussi resplendissante et vertigineusement sexy. Elle m’a passionnément accueilli avec un french kiss à l’Italienne avant de me présenter sa belle : Grande Sexy Blonde Allemande. Ma première Claudia Schiffer. Je connaissais cette fois ci ma belle du jour. J’avais eu de la difficulté à la trouver (d’autres SP ont le même prénom et nom de famille qu’Alyssa) mais je savais que c’était la grande blonde qui porte un anneau sur la langue. Dalila m’avait promis un ring no ring BBBJ.
J’ai tendu les cartons d’invitation et les oranges sanguines italiennes et suis allé m’enlever un peu de rouge sous la douche pendant que les Girls préparaient les Spritz. On avait déjà fait sauter le bouchon de prosecco quand un sommet germano-italien 34J (je ne savais même pas que ça existait ) 34 DD m’attendait sur la pole dance et me servait un Spritz. J’en ai profité pour déballer mon laptop (pour ma playlist youtube) et dévoiler un petit collier Gypsy que j’ai enlacé au cou de Dalila. Comme je vous ai déjà raconté les gars, j’aime aussi discuter et jouer avec les belles dont j’apprécie davantage la compagnie que celle de mon avocate ou ma psy. J’ai partagé quelques éléments marquants de ma fin de semaine d’exploration sexuelle et j’ai lâché le morceau qui me possédait depuis ma nuit des Octopussy Girls : Dalila are you dare ?

-Dare to what ? I do everything for you Darling
Would you marry me ?
-? ?
48 hours traditional Rajasthan wedding role play adventure on a painted elephant like in the James Bond movie ?

Les filles, vous êtes merveilleuses mais ce soir je veux ressentir de la souffrance physique. Je vous donne 5 minutes pour vous transformer en bitches intraitables et m’initier au BDSM. J’étais allongé face contre terre sur le plancher de bois à me faire piétiner et fouetter par mes Amazones. Il y avait un petit manque de communication au début mais je comprends que l’organisation d’un 3some ne soit pas chose facile. J’avais déjà été déçu par l’annulation subite d’une demoiselle. L’attente en valait la peine.
Vient ensuite mon ring no ring BBBJ contest. Les yeux ouverts puis fermés j’avais du mal à prendre une décision. L’effet de la nouveauté de la rose à épine l’emporta. 2 beaux DATY plus tard, c’était mon dildo show. Mes kinky girls avaient divers double dildo et autres gadgets électroniques à faire squirter. Elles m’ont oublié là, aventurier déjà épuisé par ses nouvelles expériences, pour jouer à qui vient en premier. J’avais mon verre de Spritz pas loin prêt à recevoir la vague.
Ma playlist s’est arrêté ce qui signifiait que mon heure était venue. Les belles ne semblaient pas avoir remarqué tant elles étaient encore dans le feu de l’action.
Je vous reviens avec mes nouvelles aventures. Comme le dit le dicton, jamais deux sans trois 3some 😊
Enjoy guys


 The early bird Ferrari Girl primal sex challenge

Encore une fois les gars, un 10 sur 10. She is the Best. J’ai enfin pu échanger mon avocate pour une professionnelle du sexe merveilleuse qui me surprend, me fait toujours sentir plus vivant que jamais et qui pulvérise à chaque fois tous mes fantasmes en lointains souvenirs. Son service à la clientèle est ce qui me fait déjà bander surtout quand je repense aux heures de courriels facturées par mon avocate et aux hordes d’insultes de mon ex. Je sais aussi à chaque fois qu’elle va me rassurer et que je la verrai à l’heure exacte avec le même outfit que sur sa photo de site web. Je lui rappelle à chaque fois ma première mauvaise expérience avec une SP qui n’était pas la même que sur la photo de l’agence et on en rigole bien. Après un repos post legendary octopussy night week end, j’ai repris l’entrainement vélo avec ma blonde fin prêt pour affronter Dalila à la montée vers l’Oratoire Saint-Joseph. Le défi vélo -marches à genoux -lampions était le prélude à un programme d’enfer que j’allais vivre ce matin aux aurores

La Ferrari Girl y était la première c’est hors de tout doute. Nous étions enfin réunis sous la douche prêts à nous surpasser à son shower fuck fest contest. Les règles étaient plutôt simples : Tu laisses faire tes programmes de 4 pages et tu bookes la Ferrari Girl 2 heures tôt le matin et tout ce qui suit les 2hrs dépend de qui dit BASTA. Je savais d’avance qu’elle était imbattable lors de séances sportives de 1h mais je croyais réellement que mes vitamines bleues allaient me donner un coup de pouce pour me mériter une longue session victorieuse. J’ai bien mis en pratique ses conseils de me concentrer sur le moment présent et les zones cérébrales primaires plutôt que de me perdre dans mes fantasmes qui se multiplient comme des cendres attisées par le feu : DON’T THINK DONT TALK JUST FUCK J’avais surestimé mon endurance devant cette belle jeune femme. J’ai laissé aller mon cerveau primaire et exploré de multiples iles grecques mais j’ai dû à un moment jeter l’ancre et lui capituler mon BASTA . J’ai aussi profité de ce défi bestial primaire pour me faire mon premier amateur porn, souvenir de moment vécu pleinement à partager avec ma blonde.

Ma blonde toujours aussi sweet et compréhensive est aussi mon amoureuse et ma psy. Elle est contre les BJ mais voulait une description à chaud de l’expérience BBBJCIM donc je me verse:

Comme mon être primaire est rassasié je décris ici et maintenant une sensation de plaisir qui commence à chatouiller mon cerveau et mon gland qui reprend vie et aisance le plaisir se diffuse se spécialise. Mon ex et ses avocates sont loin derrière ici il n’y a que le feu de la passion. La caresse électrique s’amplifie et un crachat bestial vient encore rallumer la flamme. Je me sens je la sens bien ancrée au creux d’une caverne profonde elle se ressaisie une dernière fois. Il sera bientôt trop tard, on ne pourra plus résister

La bouche était chaude et la Belle était ma SP

À répéter ? J’ai booké mon Jazz Fest Special avec Dalila et Zakir Hussain à la Maison Symphonique 

(Merb April 2018 https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?165975-DalilaD)


 I had the pleasure of meeting Dalila last week, and can honestly say that it was quite an enjoyable experience. We had great conversation over the wine I brought and got to know each other more as it’s important for me to build some chemistry. We also discussed what my expectations were as well as my likes/dislikes. We started with a nice massage and I just let her take over from there. I was pretty much open to explore anything, and I had the feeling that so was she. The session was very good and sensual. Will definitely repeat in the near future.

oh, btw she’s really tall. I’m not intimidated by tall women at all, and with her heels she’s my height at 6ft (she did warn me first). 

(Merb April 2018 https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?165975-DalilaD)

Dalila dellarossa

 J'ai rencontré Dalila Dellarossa
La fille est super gentille et offre un service exceptionnel
Notre rencontre commence par une belle embrassade avec la langue. Ensuite elle se met à genou devant moi et commence à me sucer, bien profond et je la facefuck très hard : elle me dit quand même d'essayer de ne pas la faire vomir!
Je l'épuise et son maquillage dégouline partout sur son visage, il y avait beaucoup de bave
Ensuite on passe aux choses sérieuses...
Elle se mets du lubrifiant et je commence à l'enculer bien rough!
Wow quelle baise, je passe de son cul à sa chatte à son cul encore.
Le tout c'est terminé avec elle couché sur le lit avec moi qui la doigte et elle qui me suce jusqu'à se que j'éjacule sur son visage! 

(Merb https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?176138-Dalila-dellarossa December 2018 )